Using A Gas Vs Electric Demo Saw

Published January 3, 2019

So let's compare an electric demo saw versus a gas powered demo saw. We compared the Husqvarna k760 with the Evolution Disccut1. For the test we tried cutting through a 4 inch solid cinder block with both saws. The saws were both equipped with standard diamond segmented blades. The disccut1 took 25 seconds to cut entirely through the 4-inch block. The k760 cut through the block in just 7 seconds. When we compared the specs of the two saws, a couple things were surprising. The noise decibel level was actually almost the same for both saws. We were expecting the k760 to be much louder. The weight of both saws was also almost identical, with both saws being just over 20 pounds. The main difference was the engine speed. The disccut1 was listed at 4500 rpm. The k760 had a max speed of 9300 rpm.

So, in conclusion, both demo saws were able to get the job done. If I were buying a new concrete saw that was going to be used fairly often, no doubt the k760 was the way to go. If I was anticipating occasional use, and considering the difference in price, I would go with the Disccut1. For contractors, we would definitely recommend the k760. You can take a look at a couple pictures of us cutting with both saws below.

Cutting Concrete With The Gas Demo Saw

Gas Demo Saw

Cutting Concrete With The Electric Saw

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