Published January 5, 2019

This is a step by step guide on how I cut asphalt. I have been cutting asphalt driveways for years and hopefully can help you perform a safe and accurate cut. You may need to cut an asphalt driveway if you are installing a new driveway apron, new belgian block, or removing a driveway section. You may see road workers cutting asphalt during highway construction. The first thing you need to do is get yourself a demo saw. You can see our list of recommended demo saws here.

Make sure to install an asphalt cutting segmented diamond blade on your demo saw. It is possible to cut asphalt with an abrasive blade however it will take you much longer. You should determine the thickness of the asphalt you are cutting and keep this in mind during the cut. A typical demo saw will have a cutting depth of about 4 or 5 inches. This should be deep enough for most asphalt cuts. Most asphalt is poured at 2" to 4" thick. You want to clean or sweep off the asphalt area that you are going to be cutting, this will make sure that no debris shoots up while you're cutting. If possible, mark a cut line where you're going to be doing the cutting with a chalk line. Make sure there's proper ventilation for the demo saw exhaust and the asphalt dust. Make sure you wear a dust mask and protective goggles. You may also want to wear hearing protection, cutting asphalt is a loud job. Start cutting along the chalk line line with your demo saw. To prolong the life of the diamond blade, use the water attachment on the concrete saw. After you're finished you may want to clean the air filter on your demo saw. The asphalt should be able to lift up pretty easily with a pick after it is cut. You can see some pictures below of asphalt cutting examples.

Marking Out The Asphalt

Marking Asphalt

Cutting Asphalt With A Demo Saw


Cutting An Asphalt Road