Published January 4, 2019

This is our step by step guide on how to cut steel rebar. If you are cutting #4 rebar or thicker, you will want to use a demo saw. You can see our list of recommended demo saws here. Using a circular saw to cut rebar can be more dangerous and take alot longer.

Make sure to install a steel cutting abrasive blade on your demo saw. One blade will typically not last very long when cutting steel rebar. Abrasive blades wear away fast but are effective during the cutting. It may be possible to cut the rebar with a diamond blade however diamond blades are much more expensive and the steel rebar can wear them out fast. You should determine the thickness of the rebar you are cutting and keep this in mind during the cut. A typical demo saw will have a cutting depth of about 4 or 5 inches. You want to clean or sweep off the rebar that you are going to be cutting, this will make sure that no debris shoots up while you're cutting. Mark your rebar where you want to make the cut. Make sure there's proper ventilation for the demo saw exhaust and the rebar dust. Make sure you wear a dust mask and protective goggles. You may also want to wear hearing protection, cutting stone is a loud job. Secure one end of the steel rebar before you begin cutting. Start cutting along the marked line with your demo saw. There will be many sparks, this is normal. To prolong the life of the abrasive blade, don't push down too hard on the saw. After you're finished you may want to clean the air filter on your demo saw. You can see some pictures below of some rebar cutting examples.

Cutting Rebar

cutting limestone

Cutting Steel With A Demo Saw


Cutting Rebar With An Electric Saw