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Construction professionals have been using demo saws for years. A Demo saw is the most powerful compact saw you can get. If you are cutting concrete, asphalt, stone, metal pipes, or rebar, chances are you will need a demo saw.

After testing 9 concrete saws over several years, we recommend the Husqvarna K760. This saw has a 14" blade which is common among the most popular demo saws. The K760 has been the easiest saw to start, runs the longest between air filter cleanouts, and is the most durable.

Our Pick

We ranked the Husqvarna K760 the best demo saw. The k760 is gas powered with plenty of power to prove it. The k760 is not the most expensive saw although it outworked every other saw we tested.The k760 has a 14" blade and a max cutting depth of 5". The fair price makes the k760 a no brainer.

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Budget Pick

Our budget choice is the Evolution Disccut1. The dc1 has a 12" blade and a max cutting depth of 4". The dc1 is an electric demo saw so it lacks the power of other gas models. We were impressed however by the dc1's solid feel and light weight. The low price also makes it a lot easier to give this guy a try.

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Also Consider

The Hilti DSH 700 performed just as well if not better than all the other saw models we tested. The DSH 700 has a 14" blade and a max cutting depth of 5". The DSH 700 was the most expensive saw we tested but any benefits, we feel, don't justify paying more.

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